42 Grammou, Vrilissia
210 6800312
Operating days:
Monday to Friday 9.00-21.00

Our Vision

Prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal diseases through Orthopedic Hands On (manual therapy) and other modern techniques of effective Physiotherapy.

Our Mission

Our many years of experience in addition with our specialized staff are great in dealing with demanding cases: offering quick symptom relief and long-term recovery. Patients with chronic or acute pain, athletes with injuries, cases of severe tendon disease and other difficult cases which require conservative or postoperative rehabilitation are some examples of patients who trust us to solve their problems. Our goal is to address the cause and not only the symptoms.
Visit us, get to know us and let us relieve your pain quickly and effectively.

Efi Koskina


A Few Words

Mrs. Effi Koskina graduated from the Department of Physiotherapy in Athens, Greece in 1994, having clinical experience already as in addition to the clinics, she also worked in private physiotherapy centers as a physiotherapist.
In 1995 she founded the Koskina physiotherapy clinic in the area of ​​Vrilissia in Athens, Greece which she maintains to this day.

Studies and Seminars

  • In 2011 she completed both training courses in Orthopedic Manual Therapy of the Kaltenborn-Evjenth method.
  • In 2015 she completed the training cycle of the Manual Trigger Point Therapy and Dry Needling method (Simons academy) in addition to the Myoperitoneal Release training cycle.
  • Moreover, training followed in specialized protocols for rehabilitation, retraining and strengthening of muscle chains through the neuromuscular pathways by the kinesiological analysis of posture - movement.
  • In 2016 she followed a training cycle in the Visceral Manipulation method (Barral institute).
  • In 2017 she completed her training in Craniosacral Therapy (Clediosacral Therapy, Upledger).
  • In 2019, she was taught the method of Fluid Articular Release by Dr. Bruno Chickly .

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