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Visceral Manipulation

symptoms of pain, dysfunction and poor posture in a patient are often directly related to the internal organs of the body such as the liver, kidneys, intestines, etc.

Visceral mobilization is a gentle technique that evaluates the relationship between the organs of the body and other structures, such as muscles, fascia, ligaments, and joints. The organs in our body as well as the joints have a certain rhythm and range of motion by nature. This movement can be limited by surgical scarring, adhesions, infection, illness, poor posture, or injury. An obstruction may prevent the organ from slipping against other structures within the body. This creates an area with accumulated tension and difficulty in organ movement. However, although our body learns to function under these conditions, over time this repeated deviation of the normal movement of the organs leads to chronic irritation or inflammation that causes musculoskeletal, nerve and visceral dysfunction.

The gentle manipulations used in this method, which are applied to the abdomen, release the connective tissue of the fascia of the organs and increase the receptive communication within the body, rejuvenating it.