42 Grammou, Vrilissia
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Operating days:
Monday to Friday 9.00-21.00

Cranio-sacral Therapy

Cranio -sacralTherapy (CST) is a gentle method applied by hand which aims at the proper functioning of the Cranial System to enhance the mechanism of natural self-healing of the body.

The therapist uses very gentle pressure on different parts of the body to enhance and normalize the flow of cerebrospinal fluid.

These manipulations help to decongest the pressure of the Central Nervous System which can contribute to dysfunction and poor health of the body. Cranial Therapy is effective in a large number of medical problems associated with pain and dysfunction such as migraines and headaches, anxiety problems, temporomandibular joint syndrome, chronic musculoskeletal pain, postoperative dysfunction, orthopedic problems and more.